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“The only lasting salvation for a writer resides in the transmission of love, the evocation of mercy, the radical desire to make people feel more than they did before reading your words.”
—Steve Almond

Me: A work in progress

We all know authors who were seemingly born to write. As odd (read: geeky) as it may sound, I believe I was born to edit.

I have two vivid childhood memories that I offer as evidence. In the first, I hold up my copy of Ramona Quimby Age 8 to my father, proud of myself because I’d found a typo. (He confirmed my discovery but did not share my fascination.) In the second, I close the covers of The Mirror Crack’d and say to my mother, “If I could get a job where someone paid me to read, I would be happy. Do you think that exists?”

Apparently the plot of this manuscript still needed a little work.

Fast forward fifteen or so years. After stints as a technical copy editor and music journalist, I completed the University of Cincinnati’s master’s program in English with a concentration in professional writing and editing. I soon found someone who’d actually pay me to read all day: Writer’s Digest Books. I accepted a position as an editor and subsequently produced the 2006, 2007, and 2008 editions of Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market, the annual resource guide for fiction writers.  I then segued to WDB’s trade book team, where I had the pleasure of editing and acquiring prescriptive nonfiction titles in the areas of writing, language, and literary pop culture.  I also traveled the country giving workshops on publishing, and I even had a bit of advice from one of my presentations quoted in the New York Times. (My parents thought that was pretty cool.)

During my five exciting and challenging years as a staffer at WDB, I had an excuse to spend my time reading and interviewing some amazing writers–both emerging and established–and the opportunity to work with a variety of dynamic, award-winning authors, teachers, and agents.  I discovered that the work of a book editor fulfills me in the ways my child self hoped for and my adult self never dreamed of.

After the birth of my son (shout out to all Writer Mamas and Papas reading this), I decided to hang out my own shingle, devoting every spare moment to developing and editing book manuscripts for publication and serving as a consultant to aspiring writers. My editorial style springs naturally from my devotion to literature and my desire to help writers bring their very best work to the marketplace. I approach every project as a collaboration, and my attitude displays what I’ve found to be a proper mix of nurturing encouragement and constructive, informed feedback.

I love everything about making a book–from reading through the slush pile and finding that perfect proposal to agonizing over word choice to discussing title and cover designs–and I look forward to contributing to the creation of literature in big and small ways for years to come.

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